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Welcome to RecitalOneStop!

About Our Show:
Our Spring 2024 recital, "Out of This World", consists of a pre-show and two main acts. There will be a 15-minute intermission. The concession stand is open before and after the show and during intermission to limit audience movement. Mission 1 begins backstage, while Mission 2 gathers during the intermission via microphone announcement. Dancers performing in only one act will receive a ticket to watch the other act. Those in both acts remain backstage. Parents can access backstage only as assigned volunteers or with prior permission.  Please stay seated during dancer performances.
2024 program.png

  1. Introduction

  2. “Remembrance of You”

  3. “Ice Cream Smile”

  4. Welcome to the Show

  5. National Anthem

MISSION 1 (10am sharp)

1.1 “Twilight Zone” - Performance Team

1.2 “Little Rocket Ship” - Acro Emerald

1.3 “I Am a Robot” - Pre Tap 

1.4 “Meet the Jetsons”- Primary Acro

1.5 “The Marvels” - Hip Hop Rebel Squad

1.6 “Hello Sun, Moon, and Stars”- Sat Combo 1

1.7 “The 2nd Star to the Right” - Prima Ballet ​

1.8 “Rocket” - Lyrical 

1.9 “Celestial” - Grand Ballet 

1.10 “Zoom a Little Zoom”- Thurs Combo 1 tap

1.11 “Rocket Ship Run”- Wiggle 

1.12 “Blue” - Tap 1

1.13 “Cantina Band”- Boys Only 1

1.14 “Shining Star” -  Mon Combo tap

1.15 “Alien Invasion”-  Musical Theater 2 

1.16 “Rule the World” - Acro Rubies

1.17 “Purple People Eater”- Thurs Combo 2 tap 

1.18 “Mr. Golden Sun”- Pre Ballet c

1.19 “Star Wars” - Hip Hop Boss Squad

1.20 “When You Wish Upon A Star”- Wed Combo ballet

1.21 “Software” - Acro Sapphire 

1.22 “Starships”- Hip Hop Mini Squad

MISSION 2 (approx. 11am)

2.1 “The Battle” - Acro Diamond

2.2 “Men In Black” - Hip Hop Lil Squad

​2.3 “Drops of Jupiter” - Homeschool Ballet 

2.4 “Warrior” - Acro Topez

2.5 “Guardians” - Boys Only 2

2.6 “Here Comes The Sun” -  Foundations

2.7 “Flower of the Universe” - Ballet T group B

2.8 “Over the Moon” - Homeschool Acro

2.9 “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” - Sat Combo 2

2.10 “Sky Full of Stars” - Junior Ballet 

2.11 “Galaxy” - Jazz 3 

2.12 “Towards The Sun”-  Petite Ballet

2.13 “Defying Gravity” - Musical Theater 1

2.14 “Halo Overture” - Ballet T group A

2.15 “Dancing in the Starlight” - Jazz 2 

2.16 “Rewrite the Stars” - Homeschool Jazz

2.17 “Martian Hop” - Jazz 1

2.18 “Don’t Stop Me Now” - Tap 2 

2.19 Final Bow - Dancer of the Year, Dismissal

Questions regarding recital? Ask Away!

Thanks for submitting!  A staff member will reach out soon.


Label EVERYTHING!  Please label ALL of your dancers things.  Every shoe, pair of tights, costume and accessories, etc!  Please leave the costumes in the individual bags they came in that are labeled with your dancer's name and class.  Don't forget to label each shoe.
Shoes should be placed in correct costume bag!  

Hair- Hair styles are located on your dancers costume bag info sheet.  Almost all classes should have hair slicked back in a mid bun, middle part, with gel/hairspray so there are no loose baby hairs. Bun should have a hairnet.
Hair pieces should go on the child's RIGHT side of bun 
unless otherwise instructed.  All hairpieces and should be bobby pinned down securely in addition to being clipped.  If your dancer has short hair that will not go up, please put half up half down. If your child has thin hair, a mesh donut can be used for the bun with a hairnet. Hip Hop can style their hair how they want-show your personality!  Certain combo classes, wiggle & move, and pre-ballet should have hair half up half down and curled with the hairpiece over the half pony elastic. 

Makeup- While makeup is optional, we STRONGLY encourage stage makeup so that your child's facial features are not washed out by the harsh stage lights.   Eyes, Cheeks, and Lip makeup (see photo). 

Tights- Your child will need convertible tights that match THEIR flesh/skin tone AND blend with their flesh/skin toned colored shoes. We recommend Sues Dance Boutique locally or  Blendz Apparel.  BOYS and Tap 1 will need black tall socks if they have pants and black shoes. No ankle skin should show if wearing black pants.

Shoes- The dancer's shoes should match their skin tone and the color of their tights (skin toned ballet shoes - Blendz Apparel). The exception to this are the tap classes! Ballet shoes should not have strings visible. Please tuck in or tie and cut excess strings.

Undergarments- Please only have your dancer wear skin toned undergarments.   Dancer's in multiple costumes are required to have a flesh/skin toned leotard to wear as a base UNDER tights and costumes.  Locally Sue's Dance Boutique can help you get the proper undergarments for the stage.

Wrinkles- You may steam your dancer's costume to get out any wrinkles. Tutus should be hung upside down and may be steamed by hanging in the bathroom during a hot shower. DO NOT wash or dry costumes!!!!!
Screen Shot 2023-11-12 at 4.31.25 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-11-12 at 4.41.59 PM.png

Dress Rehearsal & Recital

 ALL entering the building must have a ticket (pre-order only). Audience members must enter through the front doors and show their ticket. Seating is not assigned, however the front and middle sections will be reserved for volunteers.  The balcony will be open!
  • T-shirts will be passed out in class (if purchased).
  • Flowers may be picked up before the show or 5pm-7pm at the studio on Friday. Pre-Order here:
  • A recital video will be emailed to all families for free within 1 month of the show.
  • Don't forget to order your picture day photos!
  • Photo backdrops will be available to families in the front of the theater.

Arrive ready to dance IN costume, hair and makeup done!  Please do not bring a bag/ street shoes backstage unless your child is in more than 1 dance. They will get lost!

 Recital & Dress Rehearsal Day Timeline 

*Subject to change

  • Staff Arrival: 7:00 am (Quick staff meeting)

  • Doors Open for Volunteers: 7:30 am (Reserved seating, only on recital day)

  • Doors Open for Non-Volunteers: 8:30 am (General seating, only on recital day)

  • Kids Age 9+ with Costume Changes: 7:30-8:00 am

  • Kids Age 6-8 with Costume Changes: 8:00-8:30 am

  • Kids age 4-6 with Costume Changes: 8:30-9:00am (may drop off costume and sit with parent)

  • Kids under age 3 with Costume Changes: Drop off costume changes any time before 9:30 (keep dancer with you!)

  • Pre-show: 9:15-9:30 am (Enjoy our soloists, space jokes, and a slideshow)

  • Mission 1 (Act 1) Backstage Lineup: 9:45 am

  • Mission 1 (Act 1) On Stage: 10:00 am

  • Intermission: 11:00-11:15 am

  • Mission 2 (Act 2) Backstage Lineup: 11:00 am

  • Mission 2 (Act 2) On Stage: 11:15-12:15 pm

  • Final Bows, Dancer of the Year Awarded, and Recognitions: 12:15-12:30 pm

  • LDC Out of Theater: by 1:00 pm

  • Dancers will return to the audience at the end of each act. We must make eye contact with the parent before dismissing the dancer. 
  • Dancers with costumes/back stage items may pick up their costumes at the front of the stage at the end of Act 1 and Act 2. No families allowed backstage unless they have a backstage pass!
Recital Etiquette
  • Arrive at the requested time (dancers and audience members)!
  • Avoid entering or exiting the theater while there are dancers performing onstage. A good rule of thumb is to only move from your seat in between routines, if necessary.
  •  If you have a baby or young child who is sitting with you and they become disruptive, please exit with them quickly and quietly between routines.
  • Don’t litter! Please take care not to leave any belongings or trash behind so we do not incur an unexpected cleaning fee.
  • Refrain from talking or whispering with other audience members while the dancers are performing. Quick comments in between routines are OK!
  • Silence all devices.
  • Clap and cheer for all dancers!  They love to hear the audience roar!!!

“There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.”

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